Ritter Family || Denver Lifestyle Photographer

As a Hoosier native, there is just something about those summer nights in Indiana. Corn fields for days, sunsets that light up the sky, lake days, and small town life. I have so many sweet memories of summers in Indiana and a lot of that has to do with the people. Recently, one of my dear, childhood friends invited me into her new home to capture her family enjoying life in their new town. How lucky am I that I get to capture a friend and her family on one of those Indiana summer nights? Pretty lucky I would say.

Lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming a favorite because I get the chance to document life. Life isn't just picture perfect moments. It is sometimes messy, a little bit chaotic, but full of love in the everyday activities. I love that I had the chance to capture the Ritter family doing some of the things they love... playing in the yard, Legos on the porch, and cooking dinner together. A little dose of the everyday. Here's a few of my favorites from our evening together!